Sunday, 13 February 2011

Illamasqua Ruthless + red cremes

Got this with a lipstick for a good price on asos.

Btw this is emphatically not a Valentine's mani. I acknowledge Christmas and Easter and that's about it. Hallmark and all the other card companies can take a running jump. If you can only be loving/thoughtful/considerate one day of the year (after a great deal of hinting etc) then you're not the woman for me! Not that I'm looking anyway.

This photo is taken on day 3. Three coats. Excellent quality.

A red creme is a red creme. I don't have many because what's the point of THAT then? These are the ones I DO have. I'm quite impressed that I don't have many similar polishes in my collection. I do try not to duplicate things.

Nails Inc The Hurlingham (untried) - veering orange?
Cover Girl Candy Apple - my first! really good
Illamasqua Brigitte - lovely jelly finish
Illamasqua Ruthless - see above (bit on the blue side?)
CG Phat Santa - also good, the darkest

It's hard to formulate a poor quality red creme. It's one shade that seems to be fairly foolproof.
Tbh the Nails Inc and the CG were in sets and I wouldn't have bought them separately. I wanted the others in the set.
The CG was in a set too with a sparkle topcoat. For me the CG was fine as my solitary red creme. But I'm getting a bit of an Illamasqua obsession so I will buy stuff I find on sale whether I need it or not. Foolish woman!

Why do we do stupid things whilst knowing full well that we should not?

  • continue to buy nail polish we neither need nor can afford
  • persist with partners whom we no longer love nor respect (could be just me and it was a few years ago)
  • eat foods that we know will make us fatter and less healthy
  • drink to excess when we know we are very likely to have a sore head or do something desperately embarrassing
  • the list goes on...
People are odd.



  1. Wow, that red looks gorgeous on you, and great wear for day 3, seriously impressed! I'm the same with nails inc, stupid compulsion to get *all* the colours...

  2. I love that red on you. Valentine's day thoughts are brilliant. Well said. xxx

  3. That is a perfect red and I can't believe that is 3 days wear. I love Illamasqua polishes :) I'm the same, if I see them in a sale I want to buy them!

    I love your Valentines-Hallmark holiday thoughts. The only thing I like about Valentines day is there are always lovely cakes on sale in supermarkets. I'm currently eating a truffle heart, I know I shouldn't, but never mind! :P

  4. Beyootiful red cremes! I know the reason we eat fatty foods: They're yummy!

  5. Truffle hearts. Yeah, those are an everyday treat! Like choc ices.

    They are yummy, Lillian. I do say some ridiculous things.

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