Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Nails Inc Duke St - 24 Euros for a nail polish and a box and a bit of tat?!

OK, I didn't pay the price on the box. Far from it. But who pays that kind of money? Maybe nobody did which is why it's on sale for £6.95...Talk about ripping people off!

First the polish info. Lovely blue-grey creme. 2 coats. Nice enough. Excellent formula.

It's a leeeeeeettle bit less blue IRL.

Next the outrage. I bought a load of stuff. This polish however was in its own box. Hubris or what? Its own box?! The box clearly states 24 Euros. For 1 polish in a plastic tray and a 'phone charm' in a box. What's charming about it I simply don't know. You have to laugh at the audacity of a company that charges astronomical amounts for a handful of beans (Jack and the Beanstalk allusion). Of course I'm not really outraged - more astonished that some people (I pray it wasn't any of YOU) would dream of paying 24 Euros (£20.06) for such a thing.

See! I didn't lie. It says quite clearly 24 Euros.

I'm slightly ashamed I paid what I did, let alone twenty quid! But it was part of a bargain buy and the rest were cheap-as-chips so I'm not too guilt-ridden by it.

OK, what d'you reckon is a fair price for a Nails Inc polish with a *ahem* charm?



  1. ...Wow. It's a very nice colour and all, but seriously? Over £20? ...That's just mental.

  2. At current exchange rates, that's like US$32, which seems really crazy. My phone doesn't have a place for charms anyway.

    It is a very pretty color of polish, though, reminds me of Maybelline Hip Huggers.

  3. Ohhh I really like that shade. May have to hunt it down myself.

  4. gorgeouys gorgeous colour!! xx

  5. Beautiful colour but an absolutely ridiculous price. Jude xx @jadlgw

  6. It is a fabulous colour but £20? Most of my clothes don't cost that much. xxx

  7. lovely color of a polish but that price is really too much.

  8. Ha! We are in agreement. Unanimity.


  9. it's SO expensive, but the colour is gorgeous!!!

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  10. Lovely color, but definitely no way I'd pay that much for it!

  11. I love the colour, but £20 is an insane price! Think how many lovely colours from another brand you could get for that price :)

  12. Oh small world - I have this on my nails today too! I love the colour. I came by my bottle in a different but possibly no less crazy way. I bought the Glamour Collection offer last week - 6 polishes for £15, of which 5 were dupes for me, purely so I could get this one! But no I wouldn't have paid £20 for just this one! Thanks to my unhinged nails inc obsession I have a rather large collection but I've never paid full price (currently £11) for any of them.