Sunday, 6 February 2011

Giveaway winner - Hermetic!

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This result was based on inputting all the responses to the Silly Survey of which Hermetic's was the 21st.  Voila. QED.

Hermetic is from Serbia and I shall be leaving her a message asking for her address details.

Talk about random..

This is Revlon. Couldn't they have chosen a better photo? Boring colours and what IS that expression on her face? Not good.  Looks like she's in pain...Maybe the photographer has bad breath and she's mouth-breathing?

Thanks for all your well-wishing. Mum not so good yesterday. 'Vague' is what the nurses called it. 'Not very with it' is more my line of thinking. One day at a time. Bright side. All that. Work is good. Spring feels as if it may be in the air. My grandson is SO sweet. My daughters are being supportive. My OH is lovely. You are all lovely.



  1. <3

    I really hope she gets better soon. Good to hear that the family are being supportive. Don't work too hard!

    We love you too :P

  2. I'm thinking of you and am pleased you've got some loving support. It's so hard.
    Well done to the lucky winner. xxx

  3. weeeeee, I won :D THANKS!!! emailing you right now

  4. I hope she is feeling better soon. It's really nice that you have your family there for you :) Best wishes to you all x

  5. Congrats to hermetic!

    That is a seriously odd photo in the Revlon ad, including the staring off into space while holding a dripping polish brush over already done nails.

    Glad you're not having to go it alone with your mom.