Monday, 19 April 2010

Barry M - a British polish

Base coat Misa Bang
3 coats of the Barry M before top coat

The streaking is partly due to this being a pastel creme, partly my poor skills, thirdly the ghastly ridges I have on my nails (more like canyons)

I am liking pinks at the moment - my current fad and fancy. I have Eyeko Nude on the RH which I shall post about anon and I already like a lot.

Barry M is widely known for its complete lack of inventiveness regarding the naming of polishes. This is labelled differently on the bottle to the name on the website. Pale pink. Not light pink. No. Not subtle pink. Not unobtrusive pink. Not (Heaven forfend) camellia, rosebud or some whimsical title such as Let Me Pink or even P-Ink. No.

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