Thursday, 15 April 2010

For Leanne - Post 1

Picture Key:
1 On 2 nails but I decided it looked odd on just 2 so walked the dogs and then did the rest
2 Didn't clean up - naughty me, mustn't take pix until I clean up
3 The thumb worked quite well
4 Whole hand (well, duh)

I've been following nail blogs (mostly) for about 7 months now. Does the world need another one? Who cares! Here's yet another one.

So why this one?
  • I need to stop spending time and money ebuying (ebaying) and require an outlet for all that saved time and mental energy to curb my expenditure so this is mostly for me
  • There aren't as many blogs with a uniquely British perspective as I'd like to see
So the first post is a thank-you to all British bloggers (whether I have already found you or not), all inspirational bloggers out there everywhere and my second attempt at nail art. I used Leanne's tutorial.

This girl is 18! I admire creative people. Oh, especially creative people with a steady hand!

Tiger nails with:
Base coat Misa Bang
couple coats Attitude School Bus to begin
use the sponge applicator to apply a bit of Misa Ghetto Fabulous
then more sponge with Maybelline Mandarin Heat

Used a no. 1 paintbrush from a craft shop for black stripes (Miss Sporty black)
For silver stripes used Mercia nail art pen/brush in silver
Over the top is CG Fairy Dust
Lastly Misa Breakneck and CG Fast Freeze

Please note
  • The Ghetto isn't obvious enough
  • My cuticles etc are awful but I'm 54 and I had years of obsessive handwashing which doesn't do your hands a GREAT deal of good
  • The black stripes are not fine enough but I hope to improve with that
  • The Fairy Dust doesn't really work but it looks more subtle IRL
Where do I get my stuff?
I google a lot of brands and add UK to find an etailer (Venus Nail and Beauty is good)
I ebay
Directly from websites e.g. Eyeko, Barry M, Overall Beauty (Kim is the BEST)
Boots and Superdrug
TJ Hughes has Bourjois very cheap at the moment
I've started to look at market stalls as well because I need to rein in this compulsion!

Love from Jenni


  1. Oh Jenny this is fantastic! And I'm pretty touched that this is your first post :) you did really well, if you hadn't have said this is your second attempt at nail art I never would have guessed. And by the way, your hands don't look 54! Haha.
    Thanks so much for posting this :) I'll throw a link to this post in my next tutorial so hopefully more people will come and look!

  2. Thanks, Leanne!
    It does actually look better IRL but I bet everyone says that...ha!
    I did your cherry blossom yesterday but didn't take a photo but I'll keep recreating that with different colours.
    Thanks again for inspiring me. You're a good teacher.