Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Eyeko Nude

RH - applied this yesterday so this is 3 coats + base + top after a day
It went on beautifully and evened itself out over my ridges
Inspired me to log on to eyeko again and they have a new selection: pink, coral, red, taupe and vampy black/red
On the basis of this one I recommend them
I have seen plenty of less favourable reviews but I'm impressed
I have ordered 5 for £14 and will be delighted if they turn out as well as the Nude

However - another day and another hankering to muck about
This is a bit brighter than IRL

  • index and little have Nude + Nubar Tan Me (lots of glitter in a brown/orange base)
  • ring has Nude + Hard Candy Cosmic - Hard Candy are old now but you can still get them, I just bought 3 and have tried 2 and love them, Erogenous and Cosmic (very fine glitter)
I like the effect. I am really warming to paler nails. You? I used to be a hard-core weird and wacky fiend but the nudes don't have to be boring.

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