Tuesday, 27 April 2010

OPI and The Edge London

I loved yesterday's muted Eyeko colours but I mean to do a post per day so I have to do something - for which see below.
So I put my unnamed OPI over Tea Rose and The Edge (London shade) over the Posh

I got the OPI from ebay. It has no label but I think it might be Blushingham Palace....I was so excited to buy something in this way - could be a pig-in-a-poke but this is lovely!
The Edge is a brand you don't see much. I just opened the parcel and I have only layered it, not used it as a stand-alone but I tell you what - it has some fierce sparkle in it. So here comes a blurry pic.
How about that? In the bottle it looks like a peachy shade with fine glitter. On the nail there is pronounced red and blue. I am going to get some more from this brand.

Putting a glitter layer over creme helps ridged nails but the Eyeko did a good job of smoothing out my canyons and gullied. The Posh is (I am guessing) some kind of YDKJ polish and really impresses me as does the muted pink.

And in the sun. My new short nails are so much more comfortable. My sense of touch is greatly improved. When nails grow much beyond the finger I think it reduces sensitivity. Certainly for me.

Do you buy polishes on the basis of nothing more than a blurry photo? Or for the sake of a name? Or do you need to hold it in your hand or have a number of testimonials?


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