Friday, 23 April 2010

Eyeko Vintage - shiny, happy person....

Yes, you've seen it before but I bought these Eyeko with not huge expectations due to their relative cheapness but the 2 I have tried go on beautifully! Tried Nude and Vintage. Also have Lilac and Purple.

3 coats but I was happy with 2. Very shiny. This has no top coat. Very easy to apply. I have small hands so small bottles work well for me.

And it's British. I really like to support UK manufacturers. Carbon footprint, local jobs etc etc

Anyway I have ordered the new set. 5 for £14. 

These greens suit everyone, I think. They don't need to stay on trend because I have plenty and I'm sure they'll stay on the market.


  1. nice color !!!
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