Saturday, 17 April 2010

This is more difficult than I thought! Sally Hansen Pure Putty and thingy...

Pic for the day.
1 The tiger fingers are day 3 and these are the fingers I did first and am happiest with
2 The wart on my ring finger has been there for about 6 years. My daughter developed a crop of them and kindly passed a couple on to me!
3 I cannot believe what the camera reveals! I thought I did my nails quite nicely and try to look after my ageing hands but they say the camera never lies! Do some bloggers airbrush their photos? How do some of you have such PERFECT nails? I'm not bitter though....*grits teeth*

The Facts

  • Decided mannequin fingers were the only things that went with tigers without me making yet more mess
  • Base coat + 2 coats Sally Hansen Pure Putty + 2ish coats of the bottle I got for a squid off the market - looks pretty in the bottle but the brush separated itself from the cap after a couple of minutes so perhaps my parsimony is being punished - I will fix it somehow
  • Plenty of VNL (I don't care that much)

The RH is still For Audrey and that's bearing up really well. It really cools my skin colour down which I like. It went on a bit gloopily but more or less self-levelled so I can't really complain.

Still planning to do a cherry blossom and would do it over Audrey except that my LH is incapable of doing nail art. In fact, the RH isn't as dextrous (ha!) as I should like it to be. Planning it over a mid blue (Hard Candy Hick or Maybelline Aqua Electric) glitter.

Blue skies here and no volcanic ash visible. Wonder if my colleague will be able to get back from Spain in time for term on Monday! Actually a lot of them might have jetted off. Perhaps we'll have to close the school. We had a lot of snow closures earlier in the year. This would be a great new phenomenon to add to the archives!


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