Friday, 30 April 2010

The Edge - a haul of 5 - you haven't seen these before, I promise!!

From a company called The Edge

Here they are again. My haul of today..

Guess how much they cost? I'll tell you later.
They are from L to R:
Coney Island
Sunset Bay

I already have London so I ordered these 5. But what would they be like? Ta da da!

Little: Coney Island
Ring: Sunset Bay
Middle: Malibu
Index: Coney Island

2 coats plus base and top
3 coats definitely not required
Thick-ish but in a good way
All creme formula
Very shiny
I made a right c0ck-up on a couple because I was in a rush and then I got a hair caught in one and so on and so forth but they managed to even themselves out
I am thrilled with these! Could you tell....

I really like these. They are from a collection called: Electric Beach

Well, 2 of them seem to be anyway.

As always this mani looks better IRL, I can assure you!

Ah! The price. Maybe you are not sensitive about these matters but I am! 

What? You can't hear me.....?

For the lot. No postage. Ordered Wednesday and arrived Friday.

Have a nice weekend, peeps!

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