Saturday, 1 May 2010

InStyle Nails Inc Mink

A quick pic
What a bargain. £3.50 for the mag and the polish. Full-size too. 10ml.
Get one, get them all!
Looks darker IRL. 2 coats. Butter smooth and gorgeous. It does change a lot according to the light. You definitely think of milky hot-chocolate. Base and top coat obviously. Highly pigmented.

Mink is the shade the bloggers seem to be choosing. I have seen the coral/red in shops but not the baby-pink. I definitely recommend the mink.

A more true-to-life pic. The index had to have a coat of Edge London over it as I made a mess!

Above is the Eyeko freebie I got with my haul of 5. My thumb is Eyeko Posh with Edge London over it.
I am very late to the taupe-party. Is everyone else leaving????


  1. Very nice! I'm going to be trying this out later!

  2. You got it! I think I must track down the pink.