Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Star Nails Attitudes - Asteroid pink foil

Another inexpensive British polish - and it's great!
2 coats - next pic has 3 coats but is over-exposed (dammit)
This is a frustrating polish to snap
It's slightly warmer IRL
Goes on easy-peasy (that's not an adverb in that form but forgive me)
I don't have Orly Rage or any of that range and I'm not claiming that this is like it except insofar as in being a pink foil but this is a quality product

Lots of pix because I was attempting to show it at its best
I like it because it's easy to apply/long-lasting/fairly easy to remove/enjoyable in different lights and conditions/complements the grey creme on my LH today/is British/is good value/is a bit different because the world and his wife doesn't have it
There are no downsides to this except its reluctance to take a good photo (rather like myself! yeah, right!)



  1. Ooh, where did you get this?

  2. This was from nail warehouse.
    It says it sells to trade but all that means is that you have a minimum order of £15. Check it out. There's plenty one could spend £15 on, believe me!
    Rebecca, thank you for reading me and commenting!