Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Orly Not So Dusty Rose and GOSH Rainbow

All the US bloggers are showing Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. Yes?
Are we to be out-flakied? No.

This started with an orphan polish of mine. More about orphans some other time.
My first Orly - Not So Dusty Rose. 
I mucked about my layering with the Revlon so that had to go.
Bring on the untried Orly.
2 coats. Creme. Great. But I made a dent on the thumb-nail so I had to do something.
When in doubt, go GOSH.

I love the bottle pic of this because it does look fierce!
You pass over a bunch of GOSH and Rainbow looks like it might be a standard glitter topcoat. 

I love the way it can reveal green. gold, copper, blue .......blah de blah...
I tried to show its red properties in my pix but didn't succeed.
Believe me though, it flashes red over the Orly and I haven't seen that side of it before.

This shows the Orly. Trouble is my teeny hands can't get anywhere near round a bottle of polish. I enhanced the colour on this but I'm not sure that I should have. It is maybe looking too warm.

This is love. It's very cool and flatters my gnarled and ancient hands.

I'm not saying I'd spurn Hidden Treasure. I'd like to see a comparison. Can anyone out there do that, please? Rainbow v Hidden Treasure?



  1. I think this looks amazing!!!! Really have to try:)

    See you

  2. I loved this and didn't remove it for a record FOUR days.