Monday, 3 May 2010

Bourjois Prune Virtuelle holo Very Vernis - yes, HOLO!!!

A holo
2 coats + base + top
Next pic in sun

Bottle shots

Goes on like the proverbial dairy product.

Got this from:
Price? £1.99
They have lots of lovely Bourjois, including Rose Virtuelle (a pink holo??) which I must get
Good company this - they sent me a freebie nail-file with hot-air balloons on from Montreal which was weird because I met a woman in Montreal who helped with their annual Montgolfier Festival thus exemplifying the expression "It's a small world..."

This is not holo glitter. This is holo in the same vein as Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm (one of only 2 polishes for which I have back-up).

I love this one. It's so easy. Unlike other holos there is no drag. No care needs to be taken.



  1. This looks like an old school Bourjois as I've not seen this range on the shelves. Don't know though.
    It looks stunning, going to check out that site you mentioned! £1.99 is cheap for Bourjois!

  2. I'm sure it is old school. That's why it's cheapo. But it's a great polish. I love Bourjois generally.