Monday, 10 May 2010

The Edge Costa Rica and Barry M Navy

I have decided that brown and blue are good together. Like this....
Shiny, huh? Yes, there's top coat. I would say these are even shinier IRL. The brown with gold/bronze glitter is great in the sun. Both go on easily. 2 coats for the Navy and 3 for the brown.

And a bottle pic - not of the Barry M though because I couldn't get a good pic PLUS it looks nowhere near as good in bottle as on the nail anyway PLUS you all know what Barry M looks like PLUS you could find a pic in another blog or nailgal
I enhanced this so it looks a shade lighter than IRL but it is sunny here so it's fairly close to authenticity

The RH is doing something other (comme toujours) and will be shown tomorrow.

I think good partners are:
pink and green
purple and green
pink and orange
blue and brown
red and grey
yellow and blue

What do you think?


  1. I tend to think purple goes with just about anything.

  2. I think you're right. Erm, purple and pink? OK, but not the greatest?

  3. I like pink and grey/black

  4. Rebecca, absolutely. I meant to put that. I keep forgetting about black.

  5. I love brown and blue as well. Yellow and blue is always good too. And if you make it a 'duck egg' kind of blue, you'll be tapping into the 'pastel' thing which is big right now.

    I was walking through a furniture store the other day and I suddenly realised, from looking at the displays, that I love red and teal/turquoise. But I haven't tried it in make-up/nails yet, so it could be a disaster.

    Both of these nail colours look gorgeous, by the way. Might need to get that Barry M navy shade.

  6. Thanks, Simone. I hadn't thought of red and teal. That is one I could try. Hm, better sort through my stash. I love teal but I don't have many...

  7. I like blue and brown, but the combination's listed by Jenni are nice too!