Sunday, 30 May 2010

PINK and GREEN should ALWAYS be seen - BB Couture

Love Drunk and Studio 54 - perfect partners - not just a quick night-club fumble - a potential long-term partnership based on equality and a common background...

See them together! The green is showing a little too light. A leee-ttle, leeeeeee-ttle bit. And you can mish-mash the brush and swish-swash it and spruce it up and slop it all around. Brilliant for cack-handed me.

Managed to take this under halogen lights and it does show the glitter better.

I had one colour on the LH and one on the RH but they feel so right together.
The pink is day 3 and the green is fresh on - 2 coats.
I'm continuing my experiment on the other hand.
What experiment? Neither base nor top coat. And the Studio 54 in these shots is freshly applied w/out BC and TC. 

I wanted to have a shot taken in full sun but I'm too impatient to wait.

Studio 54 is my official new BEST GREEN EVER!
Everything darker than this is going up for swap-city. There's no point in them. No point, I tell you!

Love Drunk is a candidate for TOP PINK. And I've 3 untried BBs at my left hand!
The photos are 7 sorts of sh!te compared to the real thing, I swear it.

Can Jenson or Lewis beat the Red Bulls??? 


  1. BBs are the bestest polishes - the bestest greens - the most unique colors - lets give them first place prize - have you worn iced olive yet?

  2. This does look great! You are loving BB Couture atm and I am loving seeing the pics.

  3. Thank you, everyone.
    Iced Olived I don't have. Studio 54 is "da bomb".

  4. I thought I'd already commented but I've obviously lost the plot!!!
    I haven't painted my fingernails in years but your blog inspired me to do so yesterday, I had loads of compliments, too.
    Love this look, inspired!