Monday, 17 May 2010

Another pig's ear - Butter London Minger and Bourjois Rose Virtuel

It is mingin' - i.e. it doesn't suit me
Lovely quality polish though for the right person and I am offering an exchange (see right)

Dear Lord, what does it look like? I didn't change the middle finger from yesterday because I'm like that...
2 coats here, pre-cleanup because I wasn't sure if I'd keep it on
It's a creme

On the RH something more successful but unexciting

Bourjois Rose Virtuel - holo
2 coats, easy as you like
I am a huge fan of Bourjois

The Max Factor Blue Energy from yesterday pleased me and remained flawless but I had meant to apply Minger yesterday but had forgotten to remove the large cap before applying base coat and was thus scuppered

There's always another day in the world of nails....
Oh, and is anyone up for exchanges?



  1. I'm in agreement about the butterLONDON polish -- I'm not that big of an orange fan either. But I LOVE the Bourjois on you.

    If you're up for it, I may do an exchange. Let me see what I've got.

  2. Great! I like the Bourjois but if you want that one then I can put that up for a swap.