Sunday, 16 May 2010

Nightmare! Max Factor Blue Energy and Bourjois 1 Seconde 11

Honest to God. Today hasn't been a great day and this has put the icing on the bl00dy banana cake (I hate bananas)

I don't really bother about VNL but the Bourjois (3 coats) needed a topping of Mavala Gold Diamond to make it a bit less bland
The Max Factor (from a cheap etailer like the Bourjois) went on very nicely in 2 coats
But I'm trying not to leave such big gaps round the cuticle so I inevitably made a s0dding mess
The Bourjois goes on so easily. It has the fan-shaped brush that looks very odd but is perfect for my nails as my hands are somewhat small. Kiddie-paws.

Why blue and orange?

They are complementary colours on the colour wheel and should therefore make each other "sing".
IRL this looks a lot better - yes, I know, I WOULD say that...
So it does work and I have achieved my end to a certain extent.

To cheer me up, because even my camera wasn't cooperating and insisted on providing unnecessary amounts of flash, I now insert a pic of CG Sprinkles with GOSH Rainbow. Even this isn't true-to-life as it shows the pink rather cooler than as perceived by my (admittedly failing) eyes...

I hope there'll be something new in the post tomorrow that simply screams at me to be tried. Not very hopeful however as there is always a dearth of post on Monday. Does anyone else find this to be the case?

What is your favourite blue? Shall I do a poll? Or a quiz? Do you want a giveaway? Anyone?

A decidedly grumpy


  1. Maybelline Blue Aluminum is my current favorite blue. You can see it here. Looking through my blog at blues made me realize that I need lots more blue polishes though!
    I love polls and quizzes and giveaways!
    I hope you get ungrumpy soon.

  2. I forgot to post the link.

  3. Thanks, April. That is a pretty polish - Blue Aluminium. I got a Maybelline lighter blue but I think it's a rogue bottle. Aqua Electric.
    Anyway I really like the Max Factor but it is a lousy pic!
    I've ordered a new blue from BB Couture. I'll swatch it when it arrives. I don't think blues suit me too well. I got Sea of Cortez that everyone loves but it's not that good on me...