Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Misa Dirty Sexy Money - plus commas...

OK, I have wanted this FOREVER.
And what happens when you finally get a much-lemmed polish? That's right. It generally falls a little short of expectations.

I love Misa. I love Misa so much I would write sonnets and paeons of praise (if I were a poet but I am not and moreover I know it...)

This is the most flattering green polish I possess. 2 coats. Went on better than one could dream of. I am going to include Misas in my giveaway. I MAY include DSM if I can bear to part with it (a new bottle btw, not this one). But I will be offering Pour Me Something Tall and Strong and Runway Diva for sure. 

I ordered 2 DSMs. I got this and the other is an ASAP arrival. At the moment I haven't hit 51 followers so the polishes go in cold storage. It has to be 51 for a good reason, believe me!

Ah, bliss!


  1. I didn't know DSM was available again. Where did you purchase it? I like it so much I want to get a backup.

  2. The nail warehouse.
    How I love this...

  3. What an amazing colour - I've never heard of Misa though, is it a salon brand? Love discovering something new!x

  4. I don't know, Stellina. I don't go to salons much! In the UK you do have to get it from ebay, the site above or venus nail and beauty supplies. If you check out Misa on you'll find plenty of gorgeous polishes. Maybe I'll do a feature on them. A series more like. I'm showing another one later today.