Monday, 31 May 2010

Orphans! Not REAL orphans....

These are the polishes of which I have but a single representative as yet.
No NOTD because I am conducting my BB Couture "how well do they wear" experiment.

This is Lancome Piha Black. I had this for ages before deciding to look up Piha. It's a volcanic beach in NZ as I recall. So that explains THAT.
 From amazon and I didn't pay anywhere near the usual Lancome price.
It's black (doh) and glass fleck. Opaque. 1 coat is just about enough and the glass fleck doesn't show up on my nails. It looks good in the bottle though, yeah?
Would I get more Lancome? Yes, but only at cut price/

Skin Food from Korea. Saw this brand on a blog. Had to have it for the bottle!!!
How cute is that? No, seriously, how CUTE?
Ebay. The polish was a bit over a squid and the postage was maybe £2.50??
It's a milky peach and well-pigmented. Very good value IMHO. Bostin' value (to use the local patois).
Took a while to come from Korea but items from the US can take decades so ...
They have now discontinued these! What is it with nail polish companies - they have a good product and they ditch it.

Precision Rebel Red In You (I don't name them now, do I)
Quite expensive - £6ish. Quality polish though. Big bottle. From VenusNailAndBeautySupplies.
A Lubu-Heels-alike. Better actually. I had Lubu and it was watery. The Precision is deffo superior. Would I get more Precision? Yes. And pay full whack.

The Ruby & Millie has a number. Untried.
99p from ebay.
It looks like fun but I'm not in the mood yet. My fear is that it's going to need a few coats. I may be wrong but it's sending me those messages.
Why is Ruby & Millie so damned expensive? It isn't even stocked in my lowly Boots. RM is never blogged about. It's £9.50 or summat! SO - I need your thoughts on this brand, please.

Marks and Spencer Lilac. £2.50. Went on just like all my other lilac cremes so a bl00dy good buy at that price. Would I buy more Marks & Sparks? Yes. Absolutely.

Zoya Casey - ebay (and I think it may just have been one of my 99p bargains - I don't go a LOT higher than that - it was used but it's still majorly full)
Vampy shade. Wear this in the winter and it's black. As good as. I should really try it now. I've seen some swoon-swoon pix of this and I can't say it looks that good on me but I don't have the beautiful nails and hands and application skills some bloggers have so that's understandable.
Would I buy more Zoya? Yes, but not full-price. If you want a "black cherry" polish there are plenty out there. So I have a Zoya. I wanted one as I didn't have one but it isn't the cat's pyjamas.

2 questions for you
1 What orphans do you have?
2 What do you know about Ruby & Millie?

PS I do have more orphans but I need to save some for another day/time.


  1. I have lots of orphans due to the swaps I've done. Good idea for a post actually, will probably do one of these myself!

  2. I'd like to see what you have, Rebecca. I'm hoping to do a swap myself soon. I think it's the way forward.

  3. Piha Black looks like something I may need to get my hands on! I have quite a few orphans too, 1 china glaze, 1 opi, 1 Barry M, 1 Rimmel, and some more. Don't worry though, I'm planning on buying them sisters/brothers soon :)

  4. What's your OPI and your CG, Tilly?

  5. Only one I can think of is a Biba and I can't remember where I got it. I must have others but as I'm camping out at bf's till house is finished I can't check my full stash. Great idea for a post though.

  6. Biba!!!! An original Biba? *eyes pop out of head*

  7. hello! i just found your site after seeing you commenting on alot of other people's posts. i love you take! i have ALOT of orphans mostly from swaps. the one that stands out the most is MAC blue india

  8. I'd love Blue India. Ah, well...