Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Topshop - Bees Knees - yellow creme + the promised GIVEAWAY

3 coats but I was dreading this and it wasn't the streaky little b@stard of a yellow that I was expecting!
I did need 3 coats but I'm used to that and I do feel I got a good (for me) result.
These Topshop polishes get high marks from me. 3 out of 3 so far.

Outside pic. I've been doing this for a couple of months now and I've only just realised I get a more accurate photo in natural light! I had a love affair with a Mary Quant yellow in the Seventies or Sixties (can't properly remember) and I am trying to recapture that joy.

Bear with me before I get to my giveaway news, please.

Just another pic of Miner Denim Shorts because I remembered to get a natural light shot before I removed it and I do think it's sweet.

This is because I was attempting to show the pinky-red traits of this polish but I still failed. Both these pix are after 2 days of wear btw.

My giveaway. 
Misa Pour Me Something Tall & Strong
Runway Diva
Dirty, Sexy. Money   (er, what's with the commas, Misa???)
There'll be some nailart-y gubbins too. Or stuff I just shove in.

You can't enter yet because I haven't firmed up the entry conditions. All I know is this is UK only. BUT I am waiting for some more bits'n'bobs to arrive for the RoW (rest of the world). So I'll wait until I can open the giveaway to everyone.

I chose these because I love Misa and they're not easy to find in the UK. Not in the shops anyway.
I'm thinking of asking entrants to be followers and to make a comment and maybe answer some questions. That's OK, isn't it?

BUT what do YOU think makes fair/unfair giveaway terms and conditions? Extra entries for blogging? I really just want to say thank-you to the peeps who bear with me and not encourage followers who just sign up for the giveaway and then bugger off. I do try to comment on lot of blogs and not just pop up for the freebies but I know there are lurkers who just .....lurk. 

Oh, and have your giveaways ever gone to people who took the goodies never to be seen again? How do you feel about that?

And, speaking of giveaways, here's my gloriously glittery gift from Simone at GiveTheJewGirlToys!

Tum te tum

Lambs would not forgive, nor worms forget....


  1. I had a giveaway and one of the winners never told me if she got her parcel. Emails went unanswered. But the other winner was very nice.

    The MIA one took and left. I was actually hoping for a few pictures :)

    By the way I would love to do a swap of the BYS dazzling and BArry M Mint.

    I am getting a list of my swaps done. What colours do you like?

    Asia has loads of amazing nail polish! *nudge nudge wink wink*

  2. I am well up for a swap. You can have those 2. I have got a little SkinFood in the bottle like a baby milk-bottle. I love the polish AND the bottle. Have they stopped doing them? I can't see them on ebay any more.
    Just check my stash list on the other page and tell me what you like. There isn't much I wouldn't swap. And you have been so nice!
    What do I like? Just new things. Things I can't get in the UK. I mean, everyone has OPI and China Glaze. I like cute stuff.

  3. that topshop is lusssh, I have frankened something similar :)

  4. Oh, Rebekah, if only I were so clever!

  5. Ooh I can't wait, I've wanted Dirty Sexy Money for sooo long!

    Personally I would make the entry requirements a bit more than just typing 'enter me' - get people to answer questions and stuff! And I no longer offer extra entries for my giveaways because too many people just make extra blogger accounts for it which is cheating if you ask me, and plus you'd just get a load of false followers who are only in it for a freebie. But of course it's your giveaway so it's up to you! That's just my two pennies :)

  6. Thanks, Leanne. That's exactly the sort of thing I wanted to hear. Tbh I just want to give stuff to people like you who are genuinely interested. I think I might track back and give extra entries to people who have left comments up to now so it'll be related to past input.

    Hey, if you don't win you can get the Misa from nail warehouse. It's very popular though but they just send it out as soon as they get it.
    Or I'll just send you one or something!

  7. They don't make it as a milk bottle anymore. ^.^

    So Skinfood, Faceshop, Canmake, Fuso, Couleur Inc ... And Rainbow polish? If you google, I'm sure you can find pictures!

    OOoooo China Glaze! They don't have them here!

    Check out my blog to see what colours/polishes you like. I can get new ones quite easily.

    PLus, since when does Topshop sell nailpolish? They sure dont have them in Singapore :(

  8. OoOOOooooooo... And BYS fern if you are willing to part with it.

    It's my namesake! ^^

  9. You can have Fern certainly. Well, China Glaze is expensive but you can get it if you ebay regularly and look for bargains. I'll send you a CG. Topshop only just started with nail polish.
    I'll put something together, check your blog and then email you. :O)

  10. I will get a stash/swatch list done on Friday. Yeah for public holidays! ^^

  11. Ooooh. I've never used a Misa polish before. Dirt, Sexy, Money is really unusual to me. It's not dirty enough to be a khaki green, but it's not clean enough to be a pretty green if that makes sense. I like a lot! And that purple Barry M glitter is purdy too!
    Tilly x

  12. The glitter is what I got from Simone! Honestly, Money is fabulous. I'm giving extra entries to people who've already commented so, if you enter, you've already got a start!

  13. I like giveaways where you have to leave a comment saying something nice!

  14. Thanks, Rebecca. You're always very positive and constructive. I'll incorporate that idea.

  15. Hello! I posted your question to my Formspring account and answered it there - hope you don't mind. You can see it here -

    Jen x