Friday, 28 May 2010

BB Couture - Love Drunk - pink - I LOVE this with a very great and passionate love...

So I got my 5 for the price of 4 from Kim at Overall Beauty plus a mineral eyeshadow and 2 nail wheels as my gifts! How much do I love Kim!

And I got them out (got them out? You know how it is - tore the box to pieces like a wild beast...) and was aghast. What have I done? Why did I buy that hideous pink? It will be awful!!!


I know nothing, Mr Fawlty!
2 coats, slap it on, done.  Oo, I love foils! I might add a 3rd for the hell of it. In the sun you could beam messages into space with the light bouncing off this beauty. You could store enough energy to power a small town. Holy hotness!

Sorry about the smudge but I have to photoshop my ring finger (vilely gruesome wart) and it doesn't always work so well. 

Sort of taken in oncoming shade. Sun going behind a cloud. This makes it look pink. It IS pink. The 3rd pic (this) is the most representative. I googled this before I ordered it and it isn't a polish that's much blogged about. Not one of the iconic BB Coutures like...well, some others.

Phew *mops brow* this is one of those I'm-sorry-what-did-you-say-can-you-repeat-that-as-I-was-looking-at-my-nails polishes!

Leave a comment if you like and answer the questions up top to enter the giveaway. There's plenty of time left anyway. 

Plans for the weekend? Off to the jolly seaside?



  1. OO I like this one, havent got any BB coture yet- I will google the website you used :)

    Weekend... sleep..sleep.. some uni work and a bit of nail art..going to be very self indulgent :) if its nice may pop to Cromer on Monday!

    Have a lovely bank hol xxx

  2. Hope we're going to see this nail-art on your blog!
    Never been to Cromer but I'm planning a trip to Norfolk soon. Cromer is in Norfolk I hope!

  3. yes it is North Norfolk coast..its absolutely gorgeous!!

    meant to bloomin rain tommorow!!

    Am debating either butterfly nail art, gradient..or some neon ruffian manicures..hmmm

  4. I laughed out loud at your review of this. Quality polish, quality post! :D