Sunday, 2 May 2010

Rimmel Green with Envy v The Edge Barcelona (dupes)

Here goes.
2 polishes that look alike in the bottle and even more so on the nail.

Bottle pix
The polish on the right looks slightly more green-leaning

On the hand

This was becoming another big fat fail...
Both polishes went on well. 2 coats each was plenty.
The Rimmel was on index and little, The Edge on middle and ring
They looked fun, bright and deffo dupes.

Oh no! 
As soon as I applied CG Freeze Dry to the Edge nails I got hideous warping and shrinkage. Up to the point it was the superior polish and would have been opaque with 1 careful coat.
What to do? I added GOSH Rainbow.
It shows its bronze-gold aspects in this context so I'm happy enough.
The weather is a bit dreary so this is a bright mani and cheering.
The Rimmel is a teeny bit brush-stroke-city but possibly less than I was expecting.
The Barcelona is a great polish but I'm going to avoid the Fast Freeze next time.

Until next time...


  1. I have Green With Envy, but I couldn't get it to be good in one coat at all :(

  2. Perhaps I'm just easily pleased!
    The Rimmel was fine with 2 coats - it really was. I've had it about 8 months untried so I don't know if it thickened up or I've just had a lot of streaky pastels recently and I'm surprised when something goes on fairly quickly,