Monday, 24 May 2010

Boots No 7 Speed Dry - Cherry Tang - cherry jelly

The No7 shelf in my local Boots requires me to crouch down (not easy) and angle my neck oddly and for such a "boring" brand I don't ever bother.
But today I'd run out of ideas so I deigned to give Boots the once-over and OMG (again) I am thrilled! Surprised and thrilled and...surprised...

Btw these pix have taken on too orange a tone, it is more cherry-red than it appears here in such bright sun

Jelly for a kick-off. I love a jelly finish. With glass fleck. Silver glass fleck.
3 for 2. Count me in.
Flowed on like the proverbial dairy product.
This is 3 coats but I was happy with 2. There is a wonderful glow through the tip when I hold my nails up to the fierce sunshine.

It's a new shade. If they are all like this then I'd be buying shares! Naturally I got another 2.

I just can't stop with the pix...

I have a few BB Couture. They cost $9 and the Boots are £6 odd at the normal price so I would say they are price-comparable. The quality of this polish is wonderful. I was positively drooling.

I love this effect. I know most of you appear to hate VNL though so I am guessing you'd want to build this up to complete opacity. I actually like a degree of translucence sometimes.

2 questions for you

1 Boots No 7

  • No, thanks
  • Yes, I have a couple
  • Can't stand it
  • Not a big issue
Sunny days


  1. Like you, I have no problems with visible nail line. That's what my nails look like in their natural state after all!

  2. Boots No7 - no thanks they chip so fast, even with top coat. my last one didn't even last 18 hours so I decided never again!

    VNL - no problem unless the polish is supposed to be fully opaque!

  3. ABOP - I'm not alone then.
    Charlie - this had better not chip, I don't DO chipping....

  4. No7 - As you know TT not gret for me! However I also have Twinkle and it applies like a dream. I only get them if I get a £5 off voucher though, that way then are only £1.something a bottle!
    VNL - I like it because then you know you've got a proper jelly on.

  5. I'm glad about Twinkle. Milan looks as if it will be pretty reliable. Sort of foil.

  6. No7 - I have a couple. One is lame and one is a newer shade. I haven't tested wear yet but the quality of the newer one was better so maybe Boots have been working on the formula!

    VNL - sometimes yes but mainly no. Depends on the polish though.

    I like the new layout!

  7. Thanks, Rebecca. I better get me a Boots card and keep my fingers crossed that my 3 new babies are well-behaved.