Thursday, 20 May 2010

Essie, Lily Pond,Steppin Out, Gladioli, Luscious Lips, pink, creme, shimmer

I see Essies for £3.50 at and I must have them.
They are all tiddly pinks and pales but nonetheless I must have them.

This is more colour accurate if I judge by skin colour. The other pix are somewhat under-cooked.

L to R
Luscious Lips, Gladioli, Steppin Out, Lily Pond
Pond was OK with 2 coats - the others you could build and build
I expected this and I didn't mind a bit as they are so pretty in their bottles and I am just gravitating towards "safe" shades and away from my usual greens and purples. 

The pick?
Lily Pond for coverage and impact (pinkpact) and Gladioli because it has the most delightful golden shimmer (just visible in the pic)
I like them together. They make a pink gradient mani. The combination is intriguing and the only way I can wear such conservative shades. Obviously they'll lend themselves to glitter topcoats in the days to come.

Bottles in the wrong order. I didn't reverse them for the pic. I am an idiot, non?
Pond, Steppin, Gladioli, Lips

They do flatter my hands and the bottles look lovely clustered together. This also means that Essie Ruby Slippers is no longer an orphan.

There are 4 more to come, best characterised as nudes.

Until the next time...


  1. IT IS! Just that little bit of shimmer makes it different.