Thursday, 13 May 2010

Greens - Nubar Reclaim, Cutex Sweet Pea, Hot Looks Ninja, BB Couture Redwood Forest

I had some new greens and I wanted to try them/compare them.

Reclaim 2 coats - why don't I do a whole mani of this??? a lovely holo
Cutex Sweet Pea - 2 swift coats and a stray bit of sparkle - dirty creme
Collection 2000 Ninja - creme 3 coats, a bit streaky
BB Couture Redwood Forest - you have to see this IRL, jelly dark green with blue glass fleck, just get it, I am a huge fan of BB so I'll say that you should get everything they make! 2 coats - no need for more, perfect in 2

The pic washes out the Cutex a bit. I have never seen these swatched which is a very great shame. They do a dirty blue creme also (Huckleberry) which appears to be one of a range of 6 autumnal colours. They include Cider and Eggplant. I don't have those but I mean to acquire more. Cutex used to make lots of shades in days gone by. Perhaps they were merged or taken over by some other corporate giant. Who's to know?

The moral of this posting is: on the whole you get what you pay for. There are caveats to this and I'm sure we could all think of exceptions.

Happy days


  1. thank you for posting green swatches

  2. My pleasure. I wish I could get better pix to do Reclaim and Redwood justice. Cremes are easy to snap. Other formulae not so.

  3. But the sun came out so I went outside again and tried! See above.

  4. I think the Reclaim and Redwood polishes are my favourites here. Thanks for the swatches!

    By the way, you're one of the winners in my giveaway, so congratulations! Would you mind dropping me an e-mail at with your contact info? Thanks in advance :)

  5. Hey I love Ninja, have you seen the new summer ones? Bongo beat and Swizzles is to die for :D I'll be swatching them soon!
    I wish I had Reclaim, everytime I see it I go "aaaah wish I had it"... May have to try eBay...

  6. Hi, L-E. No, I haven't seen Bongo and Swizzles so I'll go for a look-see. I got Minx but I haven't tried it yet. Reclaim is wonderful. I must have got mine from ebay. Probably full-price...I'd say it is worth it.