Friday, 14 May 2010

Butter London Scoundrel (purple/lilac/creme) AND Mavala Violet Diamond

Butter London - I have 3 and hanker after more - the quality of these is amazing
I got a pack of 3 for £15 from ebay and wouldn't hesitate to proclaim this a bargain

2 coats of Butter London Scoundrel
Gorgeous creamy goodness
I needed a cool colour with blue tones so chose this today
HOWEVER 2 nails are particularly badly ridged so, in the absence of ridge-filler, required extra camouflage - hence the Mavala

This looks slightly over-exposed but my fingers look OK for once so I'm keeping this pic! So sue me!

I have yet to see the Mavala under artificial light. Thus far it looks like yer average glitter but I got 6 for £6 plus postage so I'm not moaning.

Accurate colour pic.

PLUS I won something on Simone's giveaway! And I never win anything. I am so chuffed. Barry M glitter polishes.

Simone (GiveTheJewGirlToys) did a giveaway for 40 followers. I've reached that now so I had better put some thought into a celebratory 50 giveaway (if I ever get there). I thought British polishes if I had a US winner or winners and something else if you're British too.

Has anyone any good ideas for how to run a giveaway, please?

A demain

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  1. Love love love the colour of the Butter London polish. They is just something about it that is creamy yet lilac and not pastely.

    Really lovely.

    Fee x