Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Attitudes by Star Nails - Clouded Slate and Peacock Feather

More UK polishes - fairly colour-accurate pix although my eyesight isn't the best
The grey on most fingers is Clouded Slate
The middle finger is Peacock

I began with my base coat
Then, because these are cremes and I have awful ridges, I added a coat of Edge London (a sort of seemingly-nothing glitter but absolutely smooth) and hoped it would mitigate the ridges
Then a coat of the grey and peacock
Aha! Smooth, no ridges and fully-pigmented in 1 coat
But I did 2 out of habit
I love these! I wanted cool colours today because they flatter my hands better
They turned out super-glossy and smooth
Nail Warehouse has 3 for the price of 2 for May/June and I have already got 6 on order
The usual price is less than £2.50 anyway and I think they're darned good
Btw I know I have no disclosure policy posted so I'll sort that out
Suffice it to say that I have never had a freebie in my life!
I never win a prize at a raffle, a tombola, a lottery, that's the way it is....Anyone else out there the same?

Bottle pic

Peacock Feather, Asteroid and Clouded Slate

The Asteroid I have used a couple of times and is on my RH - more pics of that tomorrow

A bientot

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