Friday, 21 May 2010

Essie - a bunch of cream cremes - soft/feminine

More for £3.50 per bottle
Just goes to show you can't judge a polish by its container...
Oh, and this is after a hard day's wear at work btw

Little: Body Language (greyish)
Ring: Pound Cake
Middle: T-Bills Putty
Index: Be Right Bag

Still streaky after 2/3 coats but the surprise was Be Right Bag which I only added as an afterthought.
It is a beautiful polish. 2 coats opacity with a pinky/blue iridescence

BRB is the one on the left (confusingly for which I apologise) and you can see what appears to be a reflection on the bottle but that's the shimmer

I felt unusually sophisticated wearing these. I am (other than in my dreams) a slobby, dumpy, short creature who walks like a duck (I was told this about 40 years ago by some boys on the bus and I have to concede they were probably right, unkind but accurate). So sophistication and I are generally strangers!


At which point my camera battery died......So more news of that tomorrow.
My first giveaway and, given my luck, probably my last!
But curiously I am poised at 50 followers. I have polishes ready for a giveaway but I have to reach 51. This is because I was mucking about and managed to add myself as a follower of my own blog.

Be honest - am I really only the person to do it? It was accidental and I have confessed. I am 2% of my own readership.

So the giveaway will involve comments and maybe completing a questionnaire. You know the kind of thing - what is your fave purple polish - nothing heavy!

Hot here.


  1. Thanks for these--I have Body Language but don't think I've seen the others. Be Right Bag and T-Bills Putty look interesting.

  2. T-Bills Putty is nice and has good coverage but BRB is the star for me. It's got a slight duochrome quality to it with the shimmer. Quite beautiful.
    I think I'll do a full mani with BRB. It deserves it.

  3. I replied to the comment that you left but I'll say it again, you're most welcome and I hope you like the polishes :)

    Oh, and by the way, I ordered some China Glaze from the website you mentioned in a previous entry, so thank you for sharing that!

  4. hi i love your reviews - and have 1 wish: please please please change your font/size..its so hard to read..