Friday, 7 May 2010

Bourjois Paillettes Disco and Mavala Black Diamond and a Dainty Darling Digits giveaway!!!

LH Didn't want to remove the ice-cream sorbet colours so glittered them
OK, it looks like it has spots but in the sun it is prismo-holo-tastic

See? Maybe? A little bit....

First I had thought of putting a new Mavala over the top but it turned out a lot darker than I had anticipated. Since it is named Black Diamond I should perhaps not have been surprised. However I stopped at the thumb and then added more Bourjois. Behold...

And now for the giveaway...
From Dainty Darling Digits
And here's where to go! 
Honestly, this is a goodie.

And DDD is on my blogroll, of course!

I'm thinking browns tomorrow. A bientot.


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