Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Misa Dance Fever - silver glitter

   For less than £3 a bottle. I think I'll do a Misa feature because I have some absolute crackers!

2 coats. Gritty? Not a gritty bit of it. Absolutely smooth. Taken in dim light or it might blind you!

Where from, I hear you ask? The Nail Warehouse and Venus Nail & Beauty Supplies Ltd > Home Page - that's where. I love these companies. Venus also does a lot of China Glaze for under £4!!

You can ladle it on with a shovel if you like. It's very forgiving and doesn't make a mess. Suits every kind of garb.

Polish (that's polish not Polish btw) people of Britain, get yourselves some Misa. Peeps from Poland currently resident in the UK are also invited to purchase (in case there are allegations of xenophobia..)

Happy days


  1. ...wait, Venus have China Glaze for under £4? I'm there.

    Last paragraph made me smile =D

  2. It isn't the latest collections at Venus though.

  3. Amazing that its smooth with such bling. I love me a good silver glitter. *is wishing hadn't just placed an etailer order* I guess I'm ready to start plotting my next order, lol. I look forward to reading more =)

  4. Thank you, Kitty! The gold version is called Disco Queen.

  5. I live in Venus, its like 5 minutes from my house, best store in London!