Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Revlon Passion Punch (an oldie)

Not old to me though. From one of my fave discount etailers. Cosmetic Kingdom maybe. Or Blush?
Apparently this exists also in a shimmer version.
This is not that version.
Look a bit old-ladyish but I quite like the slightly dull tone of it. The pic looks a shade brighter than IRL.

Just a bog-standard creme. 2 coats. No issues.

Inevitably I will have to titivate this.
May go back to purple and green tomorrow or try one of the combinations suggested in comments yesterday.

I nearly forgot a giveaway!


All followers of this blog are welcome to enter! There'll be 4 prizes, each consisting of 3 Barry M Nail Paints. Click here for more details :) ENDS ON THURSDAY MAY 13TH!

I am really trying to be supportive of British products and British bloggers. This is Simone!

Back to MY nonsense...

Does purple really go with anything? Maybe I should try a purple patch.
Purple and orange?
Purple and yellow?
What's the least likely purple-partner, do YOU think?



  1. Thanks for the linkage!

    I like this shade. I don't really think it's old-lady-ish, just a soft and feminine colour.

    The least likely purple partner? I'm gonna be silly and say lilac or mauve XD but seriously. I think a purple patch could be a good idea. And also it depends on the shade. If it was a really bright purple I'd probably try to pair it with a softer/darker/more muted colour.

  2. Well, yes. Then there's the question: When is purple purple and not blurple or even blue???
    Such are the daily dilemmas that exercise my intellect.