Tuesday, 4 May 2010

TWO great giveaways!

From ALU
THIS is the OPI Damone Roberts! Oh, you read correctly. And it is only on offer to non-US residents!!!!! How wild is THAT? A Damone Roberts giveaway!
Pic from ALU

And Short'n'Chic
Short 'n Chic Sweetest Little Giveaway
A lovely bunch of Maybelline.

And then a quick pic of how I extended the wear of my mani by adding BB Couture
Hermosa Surfer Girl and Sea of Cortez
The Hermosa went over my RH (the plummy holo) and Cortez over my LH (the teal shimmer)

Just means I can go to work without obvious tip-wear after 2+ days. I'll do something different tonight.
But it does mean I can mention Kim at Overall Beauty if you want BB Couture. She's fabulous!

Off I toddle.

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