Saturday, 8 May 2010

Barbara Daly Kiwi, Eyeko Purple, Barry M Mushroom

3 new polishes - 2 of which are shown in this pic

Mushroom is new
Eyeko Purple released a few months ago?
Kiwi is from Tesco

We did grafitti art at work yesterday and I thought neon green and electric purple worked well together
The Barbara Daly is a mini, easy to work with, very shiny, doesn't dry matte, there was a virtually empty display so it looks like the shades have been popular and I'll be back to see if they have restocked and what the colours actually are!!
The Eyeko came in a set with Nude and Vintage and some others - I am hugely impressed with Eyeko
This particular shade hasn't had good reviews but I found it very easy to apply, opaque in 2 coats - another criticism is drying-time and I can't yet comment on that

I like them all and think they work very well together
My RH is purely mushroom....

Barry M has a 30% discount going on for M Club members (you only have to register for it, simples!)

I'm going to give a nod to Polishtopia and Leanne of Do Not Refreeze tomorrow or Monday because of their great giveaways...



  1. Those Eyeko polishes look great. Well they all do but those always catch my eye.

  2. Honestly I would get them. The purple has had some bad reviews but it's 2 coats on me and no application or drying problem. Monitor the website and make sure you get an offer. Worth it!

  3. Mushroom looks similar to the new No7 polish in Beanie, I think you saw it on my blog! I might grab Mushroom so I can compare them. I need to get to a Tesco that sells those polishes!

  4. Yes, Sheenie has got a purple one from Tesco on Nice Things. I'm hunting down the rest now!