Saturday, 15 May 2010

China Glaze - Sprinkles

It's pink
But it's not just pink - It has a really weird finish that I can't name but I hope one of YOU can, please.

It's much more obvious in the bottle than on the nail but it's a fascinating and intriguing finish. What is it?
2 coats in sun


In sun - could take a 3rd coat but doesn't need it outright - the sun rather washes it out so...

In shade this time
I assume this is a retired polish
It hasn't had a lot of love on the blogs for, if you google it, there are very few swatches
Goes on smooth as silk
Many bloggers are somewhat averse to pink as was I until recently
Is this because it has negative associations with conservatism/lack of enterprise or individuality?
I just thought of it as a colour identified with middle age but pinks are not entirely banished from my nailiverse

2 questions

Do you wear pink on the nail?
What is your favourite pink?
What finish is CG Sprinkles?

Ta ta

1 comment:

  1. Yup, in fact I'm wearing Barry M's Orchid right now. It's not my favourite colour (although it might be my favourite pink at the moment) but it's 'acceptable' (and possibly conservative, as you said)...which isn't necessarily a negative thing, depending on the situation.

    I don't know what to call the finish on CG Sprinkles either, though.