Thursday, 6 May 2010

Star Nails Attitudes - duochromes - impossible to photograph!

Start with a pic

Dare to Bare, Oyster Pearl, Tropical Waters and SH Pure Putty used as a base (above a proper base)

This is my haul over the last 24 hours!
Barbara Daly from Tesco at either end. There were very few left so they are popular. 2 for £4.
6 Mavala glitters.
3 The Edge.
6 Attitudes.
Some stones as well which means I will have to do nail art flowers. I shall force myself to do it because I must spend more time doing and less time buying...
Click on this. Go on!
I finally got an accurate pic by selecting "Short burst" or somesuch on my Lumix. About bloomin' time that I learned how to use it! Now this does scream ice-cream sorbet in a way the creme formulae do not.
These babies in the bottle are so beautiful! But I knew they'd be sheer(ish) so I put the Hansen Pure Putty on first.
These are all 3 coats. I didn't care. I could have done many more as they are SO easy and so pretty and just flow on.
Dare to Bare (little and ring) looks silvery-pearl in the bottle but is iridescent pinkish on.
Oyster Pearl (middle) is golden pink in bottle but more golden on.
Tropical Waters is pale aqua in bottle and more greenish on.
But a photograph can't contain the fascination that these polishes exert over me!
You know what I mean. You twist your head, you break your wrist trying to find yet another angle..blah de blah
6 Attitudes polishes plus another of my beloved Misa Breakneck topcoat cost me less than £16!

Any ideas how I can bite the bullet and embark on a no-buy??? I am so WEAK.

What about you?

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