Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I really haven't figured out how to do any of this properly but...

OK, this looks a lot worse than it is, especially as it's in the sun
Eyeko Nude (thumb)
Hard Candy Cosmic and then Nubar Tan Me
The Nubar is not flattering as my nails are yellow anyway and this being sheer doesn't help matters
But it's very blingy in the sun
I've used it to layer before and should have done so again - you live and learn
VNL doesn't bother me btw
The Hard Candy is gorgeous - a foil really
I love the Eyeko Nude too

The whole thing makes my ghastly hands look not so bad at a casual glance

Now for even worse however!
That wart won't go away. Full stop. Heavily ridged nails - I think this may be expected at 54. It's what I'm stuck with anyway. Odd shapes are due to my impatience. I favour square nails but they either curl inwards (middle and index) or flare outwards (ring and little) and I'm terminally in a rush and so this is what I possess.

Was going to enter a comp. inspired by a photo but no spark ignited my dull brain so I'd removed my Barry M and lazily did the above. Ah, well. Act in haste, repent at leisure.

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