Thursday, 29 April 2010

Misa - Dance Fever - silver tips on purple gradient

Yesterday's + tips
Look dark. No light here. What a grey day!
But I had to do something and had little time so this is it...

I quite like this because it shows that the Butter Scoundrel is more muted than the OPI Grape Fit (that's 3 and 4 if you work from L to R)
You can also see the shimmer on 2 - NYX Purple Dream
You can just see the funky red/magenta fleck embedded in 1 - Milani Totally Cool

Also glitter dries quickly so this is fairly low-maintenance/minimal effort.
I accidentally dragged the glitter on 4 but it looked almost chevron-esque. I tried to wipe it for a quick fix but it had dried so fast! If I could do that on all of them I'd be pleased but it was mere serendipity.

The good thing about the tips is that it also addresses some of the streakiness at the free edge.

I do this from time to time as it's a convenient way to lengthen polish life on the nail.
New mani tomorrow I hope. Probably a pink gradient. And I'll try to get the shade progression correct. I have such a poor eye.

Happy days!

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