Sunday, 18 April 2010


Where to begin? Nightmare!
See the gubbins that helped create this monstrosity. Of course, the principal idiot was me.

Base coat Misa Bang. Diamond Blue Diamonds for the base - but it was too dark and should maybe have chosen a creme.
Bourjois Fuchsia provoc for the pink bits. Lancome Piha Black for the stems. Some white nail art pen/brush for the dot. Misa Breakneck on top. CG Fast Freeze to hurry it up.

The polish seems to thicken very quickly on the brush and drag.
Can't achieve a thin line.
The pink didn't show up well so the base was a poor choice.
Oh, and I forgot to put my glasses on. What a dope!
I was very clumsy today. Didn't put caps back on properly. Spilled stuff. Messed up the RH. The list goes on.

But I can learn from my mistakes. I never was any good at art tbh!

Jenni (in grumpy mood)

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