Monday, 26 April 2010


Part of a set of 5 for the price of 4.

Base coat + 2 coats + TC
Rather thick, some people may want to thin this, I like it, great pigmentation
Very pretty, quiet colours

I cut my nails - they bug the hell out of me when they get much longer, should have axed them ages ago.

More pix

Even though both polishes are a bit thick they level out by themselves if you don't mess with them.

So these cost me £2.80 each. I have now tried 4 Eyeko and I really like them. I am somewhat shocked at my willingness to wear such seemingly conservative colours but they are flattering for the older paw such as mine. I shall still sport wilder colours however just because I like them.

These are the nails I cut when I got home from work. I wanted to get a better pic of Nails Inc Portland Place. It's a lovely jelly-ish green and it came over as very dark/blackish yesterday. Well, this is with flash and shows the colour but lighter than IRL. I love this polish. Pity I applied it so shoddily. The cheapo Miss Sporty (blue) was very jolly and lasted the day but my political mani was hideous and had to go.

However I might revive the theme and show you lots of greens. Just because I want to. But I'm in a very taupe/pink place at present so who knows????

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  1. I love taupe and pink and green... so I love this post! Really glad you liked the Eyekos :)