Friday, 16 April 2010

Day 2 - Colour vision and For Audrey - eyesight, cataracts and Monet

Here goes.

Why did all the pix end up at the top yesterday but not today? Oh, well. I'll work it out eventually...

On my RH CG For Audrey. My RH never has the same as my LH. Toes are different too.

Bottle comparison.

I got this and thought - blue, it's not blue! Isn't it meant to be Tiffany blue? So I assembled what I have that's closest.
L to R: BB Couture Bassins Bleu II 10/10, Barry M Mint Green 9/10, Eyeko Vintage UT, CG For Audrey 9/10 
I'm still not getting blue.

I like these a lot. The Eyeko is untried.

NB I'll also maybe improve the photography one day.

What about this eyesight thing? I give you Monet.

As many people know Monet's painting was affected by his cataracts and this led to his work becoming increasingly yellow (not very technical) because cataracts affect the ability to detect blue tones. He later had surgery and was not entirely happy with the result.

Now, I'm heading for cataracts (runs in the family) and I'm hopeless at matching colours or seeing what others seem to say. I've no eye for fine gradations. I'll read other blogs that compare polishes and the blogger will state: Clearly these are not dupes. And I'm thinking: They're bloomin' identical! It's frustrating.

Anyone else have similar problems? Colour differentiation. Colour is fascinating! I mean - when I see something and label it as blue what are you seeing? Rather existentialist. And colour therapy? And seasonal shades. And red stimulating appetite. Is that in all cultures? Can anyone provide any more colour facts/theories?

Have a good day, Jenni

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