Friday, 13 April 2012

Cadbury's creme egg

This shrieks creme egg colours to me! I didn't mean it to. The Barry M has been washed out by the flash but I'm sure you know what I mean. The lines were meant to be crisp but I had trouble again with the line guides. This time it was polish seeping underneath! But the mess doesn't offend me on this occasion. If I said I'd planned it that way there are many who would believe me. I think I'm not removing the guides fast enough.

Barry M Coral/Color Club Electronica/sundry glitters

Has to be the most sickly confection ever conceived! *shudders*

I loathe creme eggs. I don't like Cadbury's (sorry, KRAFT!) chocolate generally (did you know they've moved a lot of production to Poland?). I eat Lindt 90%. This is because I'm on the Harcombe diet. But diets are boring even when they do work so we won't pursue that.

That's better!

Favourite chocolate (if applicable)?
Lots of people find varnishes that are reminiscent of the Cadbury branding. Barry M Vivid Purple is a good candidate. D'you have one?


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  1. I have yet to learn to appreciate dark chocolate, but I intend to live a long time yet so perhaps it will happen.