Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pretty flamingo...

  • Bubaloo Boutique on folksy
(The various presences Claire has online and I really do love her stuff so check her out.)

  • Blurry photo but you have tried taking a pic of your own head, yeah?
  • Pretty headband
  • "Pretty Flamingo" is a Kinks song from 1966 - yes, I know you weren't born then but it's history, right?
  • Can you just see the sparkly band? The only sparkly band I have.
  • VERY light and comfortable
  • My granddaughter is 8 months now so maybe I'll put it aside for her when she's walking as it is just so cute and I am.......neither cute nor young.
  • BUT I love headbands so I'm still going to wear them whatever people may think!

(Also by Claire.)
  • Very jingly-jangly which I like.
  • Shown it with the millefiori cross I always wear because I...always wear it.
  • I spread out the bead and various elements to show it up better.
  • The anchor is the same back and front so it doesn't matter which way it 'sits'.
And another pretty one by Claire - again very lightweight and comfortable, very simple and sweet!



    1. ooo your website has changed! i love the flamingo headband, so cute and fun xx
      liloo/@tsunimee xx

      1. Hope I disabled the captchas OK! Just 4 u, Liloo ;o)

    2. Awww thanks so much Jenni :) i love it!!! I'm so glad you like your purchases ;) xx