Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Colour-blocking clash../a comedy of errors

Barielle Glammed Out Garnet, Nails Inc Holly Bush Vale, Essie Shine of the Times
Yeah, well. That was the plan.

  • Could not get an unblurry pic of this. (Possibly a good thing.)
  • Started out as an attempt to feature the Barielle  because it's a lovely blue-red that makes my hands look pale and interesting.
  • That didn't work because I was trying to show different layers on different fingers and sort of got it wrong.
  • THEN it was meant to be a ruffian with a clashing tomato red.
  • BUT I have ebayed nearly every red I have and the one I ended up with wasn't contrasting enough
  • PLUS the tip guides I used were rubbish and left a gluggy, horrible line
  • SO I zhooshed the Essie over it so as not to waste it - that's how tight I am
Sod it, I still want a colour-clash ruffian. I'm loving the Illamasqua ones I've been seeing with Stance and Nomad. 

Question time:
  1. Favourite orange red?
  2. Ruffian or French tip?
  3. Stance or Nomad? If you could have one as a gift
  4. Best way of 'temporary-fixing' a mani?
  5. Good colours for clashing?

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