Sunday, 29 April 2012

Jessica Electric Teal

Jessica Electric Teal

Had a spa time with OH and daughter to have a chat before the wedding in July. You know the kind of thing - 'You quite sure about this? You positive? Don't feel you have to go ahead if you have any doubts.' But she's fine and he's lovely so all bodes well and we had a rather super time.

Anyway - I had a manicure after all the swimming and steaming. Very happy with it. The girl worked well and the Jessica products are simply the best. I have quite a few Jessica polishes (all of which I love) but it's amazing how much more effective their polish-remover is than the usual cheapo brands I buy. Top tips to self. Don't skimp on the polish-remover. Invest in a whole range of Jessica products.

So glad I chose ET for the left hand. It's been around since '09, I believe. Underrated polish which doesn't feature hugely on blogs. 2 coats and it has shimmer! Despite being on a hypothetical 'no-buy' I must have this.

Next stop (which is an anagram of 'post' curiously enough) - the polish on my RH. Also a gem. A Jessica gem.


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