Friday, 27 April 2012

Cult Nails - cult status

Cult Nails Swanbourne + City Color reddish purple on index
No way on this earth was I getting an accurate pic of this. It needs sun. Ha! So why show it? This is why. I simply couldn't wait. See that bottle? Wow. I don't find the glitter as prominent on the nail but I have very small fingers and I rushed the application (2 coats btw). I think it would be extraordinary on long nails.

Cult Nails is new to my stash and it's even better than I thought it'd be!
  • Superb quality (smooth and buttery and melted chocolate-y)
  • The range changes so you can never quite be sure what's going to be there
  • It's personal to the owner/inventor - it has a real 'identity'
  • It has a cachet here in the UK due to relative rarity and 'hard to source' quotient 
  • It is not merely 3-free. It is 4-free and non-cruelty to animals. 
  • The customer service given by Maria is exceptional.
  • Her facebook presence is great/informative

Lindt 90% (my chocolate of choice) plus The City Color mini that I found for £1 at the Post Office

If we're calling it an 'indie' brand then do you have any other recommendations for 'indie' polishes?


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