Saturday, 28 April 2012

Ombre/gradient gone bad...(not a good 'bad' either)

CQ Golden Green and Barielle Polished Princess and a bit of Revlon Galaxy to try to conceal/remedy the horror
What went wrong
  • DON'T work with wet polish on wet polish - wait for first colour to dry
  • DON'T try blending two wet colours with a sponge - a mess ensues
  • DON'T try an ombre with colours that are too close shade-wise - you might as well not have bothered
What went right
See how close the colours are - not VERY close but still not suitable for a gradient mani
  • Nothing went well at the painting stage
  • I chanced upon a great source of 'obscure' brands in my local post office - EXPLORE STRANGE PLACES - SEEK OUT NEW LIFE (no, sorry, that's Star Trek)
  • Olives do suit my skin colour
  • CQ is a cool brand in a funky bottle
  • Barielle WAS on sale at £4 per bottle BUT their UK operation now seems suspended/terminated 
What's the oddest place you ever found a new polish?

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  1. Thanks for this post! I want to try this on my nails for my holiday, teal to dark indigo :) x