Tuesday, 10 April 2012

NOT Glitter In The Air

"Deborah Lippmann? Is that Maureen Lippmann's sister?"

(That's how much my acquaintances know about nail polish.)

Clearly this is not GitA.

  • Clearly it isn't even a good effort at duping it. It's just a poor effort.
  • It shows that it's worth trying it though if you like GitA.
  • No way am I paying £16 for it even though I do plan a bit of a spending spree in Birmingham this Friday!
  • The base is from a swap with a German blogger. I know nothing about this brand.
  • I prefer it wishy-washy to more coats of the "blau".
  • Didn't want to cover over the pink/purple glitter of the NYC.
 Do you...?
A have the Lippmann (then subsections i. and love it ii. and don't know why you bothered
B want it and may get it
C want it but think it's too expensive
D don't want it

Thanks for looking.


  1. I love the colour but it's too damn expensive. I've just got Revlon Whimsical from a friend, it seems like a good dupe!

    1. Lucky you. Is the Revlon available in the UK then?

  2. A. I have Glitter in the Air
    i. I love it!!

    I was kindly given it by my boyfriend, I probably never would have bought it myself due to the inordinate price of it but it's sooo pretty. Sheer but gorgeous. I do like Starry Silver Glitter though, very nice :D xx

    1. Good gift. Wish my OH indulged me in my hobby!

  3. I must say it's so easy to dupe I wouldn't buy it myself. I'm not brand mad, and find with the exception of some Chanel shades, most can be duped pretty weiil...

    1. What would you say are the UNdupeable Chanels? I still want Jade.