Saturday, 7 April 2012

Colour-changing polish FX Fickles
  • £4.50 including P&P for 8ml (not a large bottle but I reckon thermo-sensitive probably is fairly expensive as paint technology goes)
  • Really works!
  • Silver is generated in hot conditions
  • Pink in cold
  • Pic above is me putting my fingers under hot tap (silver) and cold tap (pink)
  • Usually it's silvery with pink tips which is funky
  • If you have long nails the effect would be very obvious
  • It dries quickly and it's good quality
  • It changes colour a lot throughout the day 
Check out the website for the 14 colours. I'll try to remember to show you the peach/yellow and green/lime ones.



  1. the nail polish this must colour

  2. 14 colors! Sorry, colours! Good thing I don't have easy access to these or I'd be making room in my Helmer for them.

  3. I like that this one can probably be used as a layering polish too!