Friday, 20 April 2012

Purple? You jest!

Borghese Rapido Incantato Purple with Felice Tangerine accent

  • Lilac. Surely. Surely.
  • Another tricky Borghese.
  • Not perhaps as tricky as the Lime.
  • I love all lilacs so I love this despite its lack of compliance. It IS shiny.
  • I added some Flormar to most nails because I spotted a GORGEOUS Jessica polish, the spirit of which I hoped to capture in some small part.
  • It's Jessica Born 2 Pansy. Sadly I'm on a no-buy. But when I finally emerge!!!!
  • (for a peek at it)
  • I have plenty lilacs but there's always a place in my stash for more.
Suggestions for quick-dry polishes that aren't PITAs to apply, please.



  1. Awesome lilac, super flattering :)

  2. gorgeous color! Purple and orange are an unexpected but pretty combo! As for quick-dry polishes I recommend Sally Hansen Quik-dri in the triangle bottle. Thay are usually 1-coaters and they have a wide brush! doesn't get much better right?

    1. Dammit, I saw some of those recently in the same shop and didn't get them! Arggghhh!

  3. Nice lilac colour. The orange is also pretty.